RENT VILNIUS –  YOUR property management company

RENT Vilnius is a property management company based in Vilnius. We provide full package of all property management services for local and foreign property owners and investors.

What we offer?

  1. Taking care and monitoring the safety of your rental residential property

  2. Communicating with tenants so they will not bother the owner

  3. Collecting the rent and transferring it to owner always on time

  4. Constant monitoring of the payments for the utility services

  5. Finding credible and responsible tenants

Main benefits of working with us

  1. We can provide full package of services
  2. We guaranty that our tenant won’t leave for at least 9 months
  3. A fixed monthly fee
  4. Our contract is open-ended and can be changed or terminated at any time
  5. We are always ready to help
  6. Our Goal is to provide more benefit than our service costs.


Property management: 10% from the rent
Finding new tenant: single fee of one month rent price.

Our versatile property management service consists of three steps:

Step 1. Finding tenants
1) Signing the agreement with owner;
2) Investigating the property, making photos;
3) Advertising and looking for and selecting most suitable tenants;
4) Showing property to possible tenant by using VR technology and organizing live visits;
5) Signing an agreement with tenants;

Step 2. Renting process management
1) Collecting rent and always transferring it to owner on time;
2) Checking and administrating the utility bills and payments;
3) Quarterly sending owner property management report;
4) Communicating with tenants, utility providers and with other interested parties;
5) Solving everyday tenant’s problems;
6) Organizing quarterly property inspections;
7) Organizing household equipment and property repair;
8) Negotiating rental price increase;

Step 3. Smooth completion of a rental agreement and property maintenance
1) We are informed 2 months before tenant decide to leave, hence we can start searching for new tenants faster and avoid vacancy periods;
2) Inspecting the property before tenant leave and arranging the compensation in case any damage is identified;
3) Organizing fixing and cleaning, if needed;
4) Organizing purchase of new furniture and other household items;
5) We can find new tenants and sign new agreement without a need of owners participation.